Exercise should feel nourishing & sacred.


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Meet Lori Race


I am on a mission to disrupt the way we motivate ourselves to move.

After dedicating myself to recovery from compulsive exercise almost a decade ago, I’ve come to understand just how much is missing from the modern cultural relationship with Movement. 

No one ever thought it was odd that I would skip school, work, and social events in order to get to the gym. Even when it was my second, third, or sometimes fourth workout of the day, I was simply seen as disciplined and “dedicated” to my health. 

The obsessive thoughts in my head, however, were anything but healthy, and the same could be said of the exceptional strain I was putting on my joints day in and day out. In the misery of my mind, I saw this abuse as the only path to an acceptable body with the hope of becoming acceptable myself.  

The business of health and fitness is sustained by century-old patriarchal and weight-biased myths that draw us into disorder around food and exercise over and over again. It's long past time for that to change.

Thankfully, there is another way. A way that encourages you to trust your intuitive needs and desires. A way that honours your trauma and transforms the angst of both under- and over-exercise into ease and compassion and authentic, sustainable motivation. 

Movement is in your DNA and it deserves to be more than a task on your to-do list or something that you beat yourself up over each day. There is MAGIC and MEANING and REVERENCE all waiting to be discovered and a whole other spectrum of healthy physiology and function available for your body, mind, heart, and soul. I want to help you find your way there.

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 You CAN Stay Motivated


It’s a common pattern: you tend to feel good once you start exercising but for some reason you can’t sustain all of the initial motivation that got you going in the first place.

Alternately, you find yourself frustrated and even depressed during less active periods because you feel like you should be doing more.

The bottom line is that no matter where you are at, you always feel like you are failing. Exercise rarely feels easy!

What if I were to tell you that this is the way the system has been set up? That the cultural framework we exist in is constantly driving us away from exactly what it is most of us are seeking: CONSISTENT, SUSTAINABLE, JOYFUL MOVEMENT; TRUE REST; AND A PEACEFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR BODIES.

I’ve spent the last decade learning how to create just that. And I have great news for you: you can do the same!

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Did you know that the majority of our earliest ancestors found themselves drawn into dance and games and other joyful forms of Movement, even after exerting extreme levels of energy in the name of survival each dayWhy might that be, do you think? I'm guessing that they knew something we've forgotten; that we are designed to move.

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 Have you ever started into a flurry of “healthy” behaviours, including exercise, only to lose steam in the weeks or months later?  Guess what. That is 100% normal human behaviour! (And it doesn't have to be that way). Consistent motivation can be found in creating personal meaning; looking beyond the physical and uncovering the magic in movement again.


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 My disordered life was so very small . . . I’m guessing yours might be as well. When you are thinking constantly about your body, food, and exercise, there is very little room left for engagement with much else. It is 100% possible to heal however, and to move beyond a disordered mindset. A place where you will finally be free to enjoy all that life has to offer.


A Different Kind of Exercise Culture

"My goal is to take you back to the roots of healthy Movement; to help you release the notion that Movement has anything to do with body control, manipulation, or punishment and to help you embody Movement as the sacred act that it was and still deserves to be".

How do I know if this work is for me?


  •  You are tired of cycling through hyperactive periods of increased physical activity followed by inactivity and frustration when it comes to exercise, and you have a sense that moving your body can feel better than this.


  • You are starting to understand how historical systems of control like patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism play into the constant dissatisfaction and mentality to strive with regard to your health and your body.


  • You are yearning for more magic, more meaning and more connection to the WILD places both in nature and within yourself. 


  • You are ready to unhook from toxic fitness conversations and pave a new way forward that inhabits self compassion and needs/desires based self inquiry as opposed to accountability challenges and heavy structure that never lasts.

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"Every new post and piece of writing fills me with hope that we can shed this burden of perfection and the ideal body and return to our individual, true passion for movement."

~Jenn M

Athletic Therapist, Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology

It's time we found a new approach to exercise.




Featured Blog Posts

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It’s strange that we live in a culture where trusting the vessel we live in is more difficult than trusting the advice of a stranger on the internet.

Such is the effect of a few hundred years of patriarchy and capitalism where the unrelenting vigor of the messages telling women their bodies are unacceptable has all but severed the connection to our own instincts and intuition.


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Exercise mojo.

It can be a slippery feeling to hold onto, can't it?

During the moments we are in full possession of it, we’re often flying high. In fact, it can seem quite ludicrous in those moments to imagine we would ever NOT be exercising. 

 I feel so good!


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As great swaths of modern human distraction behaviors and routines are erased (at least temporarily), our collective nervous systems sound their alarms, cycling us through a gamut of uncomfortable sensations.

Like pin balls in a kind of apocalyptic arcade game, we seem at the mercy of something outside of our control, a player of unknown skill flinging us abruptly from fear to despair, to uncertainty to hope and then back down to shoot toward fear once again.